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In a world that is rapidly shrinking, we see world cultures being assimilated into the "borg" of western culture and becoming lost. 

This is unacceptable. 

Mosaic World Music and Dance Academy was conceived out of the concern that globalism must not smother the cultures of the world. To change this we need to change the we-they paradigm that is promulgated in the media, art and academic worlds. My goal is to disrupt the dominance of western culture by reforming the institutions that teach and create art.  To create an educational environment  where equality and respect dominate education and  all the "theys" become a "we".

To create a world where globalism fosters, nurtures and promotes artists and art.

Mosaic World Dance and Music is a dream and Seraglio ballet is the first step. Please help make this dream come true with your belief, love and contribution to the idea of preserving world culture, before it is lost.

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